What Are Parents Saying About This Group?

"All of the content was so helpful and the framework of owl/watchdog/possum helped give access to the neuroscience research on why parenting from a place of connection is so critical. The mix of accessible research coupled with concrete strategies for parents to try was just right, and the examples/videos helped make the content concrete. I found it helpful to have the class divided into a "lecture" portion and then open discussion, and as our group bonded over the course of weeks, the discussions became a place to allow ourselves to be honest and vulnerable with one another about the challenges we face in parenting. Amy, as a facilitator, listened nonjudgmentally to parents and allowed space for us to express some big feelings around places of disequilibrium that we were coming up against as our beliefs and mental models of parenting were challenged with new information and ways of thinking.  Just as important as the content for me was the connection with other parents. This group felt really special and I looked forward to meeting every week. We shared questions, frustrations, funny stories, and successes and gave each other the opportunity to feel seen and heard. We do not get enough of this type of connection with other adults and really valued it."  - Parent of an 11 year old

"The science, the other participants, mostly your commitment to the validity of this parenting approach all gave me the safety to try to shift to using this approach in my life/home. Very impressed with the amount of time you left for discussion and how much space you allowed for it to go where it needed to. This choice felt like a big blow to the ableism our kids face in a society that insists on rushing and was very centering for me. It helped build my owl brain so I could use it with my kid." 

- Parent of a 12 year old and a 7 year old

"I rewatched each lesson of Section 2 multiple times! Amy's lessons in this section elevated concrete tips and this is especially useful because in the heat of a Watchdog moment, it is easy to forget and stay grounded. Practical tips are key! Also, the discussion portion of each lesson is very valuable to dig in further on questions that have shared themes for full group (sibling dynamics, hitting, verbal aggression)." 

- Parent of a 7 year old and a 4 year old