Exhausted and overwhelmed by your intense, highly sensitive child?


Of course you are! 

And that does not make you a bad parent.   

And it does not mean that you have a bad kid. 


Parenting a child with neurodivergence, a history of trauma, or other big baffling behaviors is HARD.  Stop playing whack-a-mole with behaviors and strategies, and get the tools you need through parent coaching, or individual or group therapy for your child.

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Asking for help can be hard, but support and answers are waiting for you...


Maybe you're a parent, and you think you should have this figured out by now.  Perhaps you feel judged by family members when your child acts out, and you're not sure what to do.  Maybe you're a professional, and feel like you should be an expert in children's behavior, but you have a client who just isn't making the sort of progress you're expecting. 

I would love to partner with you to sort through the noise and find a way to more understanding.  Learn more about parenting coaching, child therapy, and consultation for professionals today. 

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Hi!  I'm Amy.

And I am a clinical social worker specializing in helping children, parents, and families learn new ways of relating, collaborating, and connecting with each other. 

I have over 25 years of experience supporting children, adolescents, and parents in increasing resilience and regulation, and decreasing meltdowns and mettle.  I have helped hundreds of families just like yours, and I'm eager to help yours, too.

I have extensive training in child psychotherapy, parent coaching, and common developmental challenges (sleep coaching, toilet training, picky eating).  I work with children directly through individual and group therapy, and I work with parents directly through parent coaching. 



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