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Does Parenting Your Intense, Highly Sensitive Child Leave You Feeling Like a Broken Lego Figure?


Of course it does!  The day-in and day-out of parenting a neurodiverse, traumatized, or vulnerable nervous system-ed kid is exhausting.  But it doesn't have to be that way!  Let's partner to understand what behavior is and how to best manage it. 

Group Support

Stop playing behavior whack-a-mole with your child’s most baffling behaviors by finally addressing the real problem!  This 10-week course will teach you what behavior really is, and how to change it. Being With: A Course for Parents of Kids with Big, Baffling Behaviors is based on the science of being relationally, socially, and behaviorally human.  This course will make your child’s behavior make sense - even the ones that don’t.  You’ll become equipped with interventions, tools, and techniques - that actually work! And in this no-shame, no blame approach to parenting, you’ll finally understand why knowing is only half the battle. 

Thursdays, 8:30 - 10pm

On Zoom

Limited to 10 families

Next group starts January 18, 2024

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Individual Support

Maybe you're fed up with constant power struggles, or you're done with the meltdowns.  You've read every book and tried every reward, and nothing changes.  Get off the behavior/strategy treadmill! Let's work together to understand what these behaviors really are and how to best manage them.  (Spoiler alert -  It has nothing to do with bad parenting or having a bad kid!)  I will teach you new ways to connect to and communicate with your child, enhancing your relationship with them, and allowing them to have improved relationships with others.

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Sleep Support


Tired of being tired?!  Of course you are!  When your child's sleep is disrupted, everyone struggles.  Children with vulnerable nervous systems (whether because of neurodiversity, trauma, or who even knows) can often struggle with sleep, and it can take a village to get back on a regular sleep schedule.  I can help you create a plan that works for your family and make sure that everyone is getting the sleep that they need.


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Potty Training Support

Stressed out about toilet training your neurodiverse or highly sensitive child?  Makes sense!  The books were written for neurotypical kids, and your child needs a more individualized approach.  I can help you create a potty training plan that works for your child, keeping in mind their unique needs.  We will work through the anxiety (yours and theirs!) to ditch the diapers once and for all.


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Picky Eating Support


Tired of feeling like a short-order cook?!  Is your child eating an all beige diet, and you really want them to try new foods?  This is so common for kids with vulnerable nervous systems.  AND their tolerance can grow!  I can help you to create a plan that will respect your child's sensory needs and make food fights a thing of the past.  Whether your child has been diagnosed with ARFID (Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder) or your child is resistant to change, we can absolutely create new routines and habits.  It's never too late to start building a healthy relationship with food!


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