Managing Meltdowns:

A Guide for Parents of Neurodivergent Kids


Overwhelmed by your child's big, baffling behaviors?  Of course! And that's totally normal.  Access your free guide today, and learn simple strategies for managing these meltdowns (and even preventing them in the future!).

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My top five tips for understanding what meltdowns really are, why they happen, and stress-free ways to respond.

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What Will You Get? 


Busy parents do NOT have time for 32 steps!  I've laid out five simple steps that will make managing that meltdown a cinch!


When you understand what these meltdowns actually are, you will know exactly how to respond.  No more guessing!


Isn't this what we all want?!  A calm, peaceful home, with more cooperation and less yelling.  It can be a reality!

Hi!  I'm Amy.

I am a licensed clinical social worker and certified parent coach.  And I have helped hundreds of families who are struggling with big, baffling behaviors.  Using the most recent neuroscience, I'll help you learn what those meltdowns actually are.  And when you understand what is underneath those behaviors, you can respond in a more effective way.  Let's get started!


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